Editing & Proofreading for ESL - English as a Second Language

  • ESL - English as a Second Language

    A large number of my clients are ESL writers. Some are students studying in the United States.  Some are students studying in the UK. Some are students in Australia or other places in the world.  Some are authors who prefer to write their works in English. Some are in exchange programs doing work that is being written in English. I am continually amazed at the intellectual level of these ESL clients.

  • Grammar

    ESL writers have studied English and usually have an excellent command of the language. They understand ideas and can read quite fluently. However, because their native languages are structured differently from the English language, they have difficulty in several areas. Some of the problematic grammatical areas include verb tenses, noun and verb agreements, singular versus plural usage, proper use of prepositions, use of infinitives and proper use of conjunctions. Proofreading and editing services are designed to assist the ESL writer in correcting any of these errors and making the paper clear and correct.

  • Word Usage

    ESL writers are generally diligent in researching words and using dictionaries to find descriptive words with which to express their ideas. However, because English is not their native language, they frequently use words that are not the best ones for the given situations. Though I do not want to ever change the essence or style of the ESL writer, I ensure that the proper words are used to express the ideas that are intended. Often during the editing process, I have numerous communications with the writer to fine tune the work and make sure that every idea is that which the writer intended.

  • Punctuation

    Punctuation and general sentence structure differ greatly from one language to another. The ESL writer benefits from the editing that corrects punctuation with the intention of clarifying the written words and ideas.

  • Fees

    Fees for editing and proofreading are between USD .039 and USD .04 per word. For instance, if the document is 10,000 words the fee is between USD 390 and USD 400. The preferred methods of payment are Venmo and PayPal. See the Payment Information page for more payment options.

  • Details

    Visit the Editing Service, Proofreading Services, Resume Services and other pages for more details on the services provided by Shelly Rosenberg.