Editing & Proofreading for Students - Ph.D. - Masters

  • Ph.D. Candidates

    Proofreading and editing services are especially helpful to the Ph.D. candidate who is writing a thesis to complete his/her degree course. The student is writing an original work, which is extremely detailed. The work is a report that generally includes extensive research in the student's area of expertise. The writer of the thesis must express the ideas in a manner that is clear, logical and descriptive to the reader. This student has concentrated on the content and data in the thesis and usually becomes so close to the information that he/she cannot effectively evaluate the flow and readability of the work. This is where the process of editing and proofreading the thesis is so valuable to the Ph.D. candidate. I look at the thesis from a completely different vantage point and make changes and corrections that ensure a more polished and professional result.

    I can also insert and ensure the proper formatting required by your university. Just forward the formatting rules and ask for this auxiliary service along with the editing for a nominal extra fee.

  • Master's Degree Students

    The Master's degree student is often required to write a dissertation similar to the Ph.D. thesis. This paper is a major part of the degree requirement and therefore must be approached with considerable attention to the premise and objective of the work. It must exhibit a high level of professionalism and competence in expressing the ideas set forth. This editing and proofreading service is designed to help in this process and make the final result an error free and well designed document.

    Similar to the Ph.D. thesis, your Masters thesis might require specific formatting. I can do this special formatting to conform to your university's specifications for a nominal fee.

  • Students

    Most students are faced with writing assignments throughout their years of study. Many students have excellent ideas but have difficulty expressing these ideas on paper. The editing service that is provided will help the student even prior to the completion of the paper. Many students send me papers that are in the process of being drafted. I assist with separate parts or chapters of the paper as the student produces them. This service can include assistance in helping the student formulate a conclusion, an introduction or an additional chapter to better express the essence of the work as a whole.

  • Fees

    Fees for editing and proofreading are between USD .039 and USD .04 per word. For instance, if your paper is 10,000 words, the fee is between USD 390 and USD 400. The preferred methods of payment are Venmo and PayPal. See the Payment Information page for more payment options.

  • Details

    Visit the Editing Service, Proofreading Services, Resume Services and other pages for more details on the services offered by Shelly Rosenberg.

  • Standards - Formatting - Styles

    There are several standards, formats and styles that might be required by your professor or school. I am familiar with most of these standards including the APA (American Psychological Association) standards, the Gregg standards used for business papers, the MLA (Modern Language Association), and the Chicago style. If you are required to adhere to one of these styles or to any other style, inform me and I will ensure that your paper conforms to the appropriate standards.