Website Proofreading & Editing

This website proofreading and editing service is designed to make your site more successful. There is no doubt that you will be pleased with the results of this professional website proofreading and editing. 

  • Window Front

    Your Website is the Window Front of your Business. You want to make a good first impression on your visitors and potential customers. Website Proofreading and editing will ensure that the entry to your business is error-free and inviting.

  • Credibility

    Accuracy in text is paramount for building credibility with your visitors and customers. Errors in text create doubt and concern on the part of potential customers. If you read something with errors in it, you might feel that the writer will also make errors in his or her other business endeavors. A customer will wonder if there will be errors in his or her order. In the website proofreading and editing review of your site, all the text will be examined and errors will be omitted.

  • Proofreading versus Editing

    Website proofreading is actually just one aspect of website editing. It includes the very basic steps in the overall editing process. Spelling error detection and correction and typographical error detection and correction are included in website proofreading. Not all websites need our extensive editing service. We will be able to determine the level of service your website will need by reviewing the site.

  • Spelling

    Yes, you say, I used "spell check" on my text and there are no errors. Website editing goes way beyond the corrections uncovered by "spell check." For instance, "to" "too" and "two" are all words that are spelled correctly. But look at this sentence: We sell too types of jeans. When you run "spell check" on this sentence it will not point out the error. Website editing will find this sort of spelling or word error.

  • Changes

    One of the wonderful aspects of a website is the ability to change our text easily. New products are added. Product descriptions are changed. New features of products are added. The terms of a contract are modified. The location of a sentence or phrase is moved. But what happens in so many cases is that the change that is made creates an error. Website proofreading and editing are geared to finding and correcting these errors. 

  • Passion

    This brings me to discuss the passion that business owners (especially small business owners) feel about their products and services. They are passionate! When they write, they do so from the heart.  They are intent on writing about their products and services with emotion and soul. Their main focus is on making these ideas and descriptions enticing to their web visitors. They are trying to express the value and nature of their products. This passion overshadows the need to be completely accurate. That is where website editing comes in. I can go beyond your passion and make sure that the words, phrases and paragraphs are correct. 

  • Designers

    Many websites are designed and built by professional website designers. In most cases the design company requires the customer to supply all the text for the website. Now you have a beautiful looking site that is pleasing to you and to your customers. Your text must be error-free to ensure that this wonderful visual impression is backed up with that same excellence in the text. Website proofreading and editing are the other important pieces in the implementation of a dynamic web presence and a successful on-line business.

  • Number of Web pages

    I will be happy to edit just one page or many pages of your website. Often, a new business begins with a single-page website. This page must be outstanding and well written. I encourage new business owners and extend a special welcome to them. Send me your single web page for website proofreading and editing. A website is built one page at a time and I will work with you by editing your pages one at a time, if needed.

  • Fees

    The fees for website proofreading and editing are quite economical. They are based on the number of words. The basic fee for this service is between USD .039 and USD .04 per word. For instance, if the word count is 10,000 words, the fee is between USD 390 and USD 400.

  • Submission of Work

    The easiest way to submit your website for website proofreading and editing is to send an MS Word document attached to an email. Contact me using the contact form and I will send instructions regarding the submission of your information. The edited document will be returned to you with all the changes, additions and omissions shown on a new edited MS Word document. If this is not convenient for you, just send the URLs for the web pages that you want edited.  I will extract the text for you. The editing process will be done in Word. An additional USD .001 per word will be added to the fee for this method of submission.

  • Sample

    Here you can see a sample of how your text will appear when it is returned to you after the website proofreading and editing process. Note the additions, deletions and corrections on this website proofreading sample.

  • Turnaround time

    The time it will take to return your edited text to you will range from two to six days. Sometimes customers are in a real hurry for the website proofreading and editing process to be completed. This is understandable. I will work with you to ensure that your goals and deadlines are met.

  • Payment

    After your work is submitted, the fee will be calculated. PayPal and Venmo are the preferred methods of payment. See the payment information policy for further information.

  • On-going Editing Options

    As discussed before, many websites are changed frequently. I can accommodate this situation by offering an on-going working option. After I have completed an initial website proofreading and editing service, I will design a process that will give you the option to submit small pieces (usually single pages) of your site for review and editing.