Technical Editing Service

  • Elements of the Technical Editing Service

    The technical editing service is designed to ensure that your writing is clear, fluent and well organized. While I will do proofreading and editing of your technical paper, I cannot and will not verify any information of a technical nature.

  • Technical Papers

    Some of the types of technical papers include the Ph.D. thesis, the master's dissertation and the scientific research paper.

  • The Technical Writer

    You, as a writer of a technical paper, are primarily concerned with the research you have done. You want to define your endeavors while working on your project. You want to present the steps you took in your research and outline your procedures. You want to explain the details of your findings. You will describe your conclusions and perhaps your recommendations. You are very close to your technical work and this often makes it difficult for you to focus on the way your writing will come across to the reader. This is where our technical editing service can be of assistance to you.

  • Procedures

    The technical editing service procedures allow me to examine your paper from a completely different vantage point. I have not been close to the work. I will see the paper from a new perspective.  I will ensure that your points are clear. I will examine the paper to make sure that the flow is logical.  I will spot and correct any typographical errors. I will correct any spelling errors.

  • Personal Attention and Communication

    I will stay in touch with you during the whole technical editing service procedure. Questions back and forth between you, the writer, and me, the editor, via email help us to work together smoothly and efficiently. I take pride in this personal communication commitment.

  • Formulas and Tables

    The technical editing service is not designed to examine your formulas or technical tables. However, sometimes it is obvious that there is an inconsistency that I do spot. In this case, the inconsistency is questioned and noted.

  • Fees

    The fee for the technical editing service is between USD .039 and USD .04 per word. For instance, if your paper is 10,000 words, the fee is between USD 390 and USD 400. Please note that this is extremely economical. PayPal and Venmo are the preferred payment methods. Visit the Payment Information page for other payment options.

  • Submit Your Work

    Your paper should be sent as an attachment to an email but first contact me using the contact form.  I will send information regarding the submission procedures. Make sure to save your original paper. After applying the technical editing service, I will send your paper back with the errors, corrections, questions and suggestions noted on the paper.

  • Sample

    See the sample to view how your document will look when it is returned to you.

  • Satisfaction

    My goal is to ensure that my clients are completely satisfied with the technical editing service. I know that this is working since many of my clients are returning clients. I welcome your business and feel confident that you will be happy with the results of my work.